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   Hey everyone!

First of all, let me thank you for your interest to my person, my website and this page About me!

My name is Zhenya and I am a simple person who could not image my life without art, without photo camera, lens, graphical table, paint, brushes, pastel, paper… Let me see… I think they all are my life companions and I fell in love with the creative process!

I have been interested in photography for more than 10 years and take photos in different styles.

Studio photography. It begins from subject photo and catalogue photo like fashion photo and advertising photo and ends with various art projects just for fun and interest like beauty photo.

Portraiture photo, emotional character portrait. It is kind of challenge for me as I must be like a psychologist and open any model in front of my lens. And I like it as well.

Wedding photography…it is high responsible mission! That day is very important, quite unique, could not be recreated! It is important do not skip something, each moment is a part of whole story of that event! I am highly appreciate such possibility to be part of the ceremony and have opportunity to create a movie of someone love.. life…! Usually I very involved in the creative process that even forget about everything and just create beauty with newlyweds!

Family and child photography…mmm…it is my favourite one! It is kind of a way to come back to childhood! Children's sincerity and spontaneity, children's energy and creative…everything fills and saturates me to new discovers! I am charging during such shooting!

Nature and lifestyle photography it is kind of meditation! Best way to touch the universe! Be with nature, to feel myself as a part of something huge, be out of scurry...   etc

How it all began…actually I am in art all my life from the childhood. I got my first photo camera when I was 10 years old. Now I have several cameras, lens, lights and other devices, knowledge, ideas.

Instead of photography I paint some pictures. My favorite technic is pastel.

I have a certificate of a make-up artist and work as a stylist as well.


In general, I can speak a lot about art, photography, painting …so just call me, meet me and we can create our own story together!

Hope see you soon!!!

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